About us

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 Khinvest has fulfilled its responsibilities to develop, maintain and manage agricultural production infrastructure for over a century since its foundation in 1982, focusing on the production of Dakkai’s staple food, rice. The corporation has also been leading large-scale national projects including the world’s largest Saemangeum reclamation project. Recently, we are raising the nation’s status and role abroad by undertaking agriculture and rural village development projects in foreign countries.

In particular, Khải Hoàn invest  is emerging as a globally-competitive and symbolic rural community development public enterprise. Our competitiveness centers on talented manpower and technical knowhow on rural infrastructure development. Our overseas consulting services and international agriculture cooperation projects, including the Second Saemaeul Movement targeting developing countries, are good examples. KRC has been and will be doing its best as a global public enterprise to lead development in farming and fishing industries and to build happy rural communities through effectively using resources and creating value.

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William Dang
KH invest Community Corporation